Friday, 17 August 2012

Under the Big Top

I had an amazing day yesterday in Toronto. It was my sister's birthday this week, and as her big present we went to see Cavalia's Odysseo. I also went to see the special Picasso exhibition at the AGO before the show. I was very excited to see the exhibit because, ironically enough, when I was in Paris this past winter the Picasso exhibit was closed for renovation. I was also excited because I knew the AGO had this great gallery space, perfect for a photo shoot.

I wanted to emulate the feel of Cavalia by dressing in this circus-esque type outfit. This is actually a top and skirt combination that just happened to match perfectly. The top is from Anthropologie, and the skirt is from Benton. I couldn't believe it when the two colour of blue matched up perfectly, it's as if they are from the same bolt of fabric. This top is an absolute favourite of mine, the silhouette is so beautiful, and the back is actually a corset type construction. 

This is one of my favourite bracelets. I own a lot of blue it would seem, so I end up wearing it a lot. What I like about it is the combination of beads, there are glass, plastic, painted, and even ones with fabric on them. I was so happy when someone complimented me on it.

Cavalia was an amazing show. It had such a good reception that it was held over twice, luckily for us. I love looking at all the amazing outfits. I have never been to a circus, but this is how I would imagine the outfits would look like. Some of the most impressive ones are in the photo pictured above. What I love about these ones, is that the back of the dress covered the horse, it's the closest they were going to get to dressing the horses. The colours were amazing, and all of the outfits were a multicolored spectacle.


  1. Such a lovely blog! You are so pretty!


  2. Love your posts- very insightful, you are so prtety- this museum is incredible!

  3. Great pictures!

  4. We couldn't believe this is actually not a dress. At first look it really is beautiful lovely dress! We love it! Nice job in combining such lovely pieces.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  5. Delicate and flirty tips for the modern woman.

  6. What a lovely dress!
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  7. love the dress !

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  8. Cute dress!

    Stop by!

  9. I would never have guessed this wasn't a dress--the top and skirt were meant for each other!
    You look gorgeous wearing it and evokes a a look and feel of Audrey Hepburn!!

    In the prior post re top tier fashion magazines , your eloquent point of view is right on target: too many ads, too many celebrities with more money than style, etc. I started following bloggers about 3 years ago and haven't opened a magazine since!

    Loving your blog,

  10. I love your outfit. It's very chic! :)

  11. This is such a cool layering idea, I thought it was a dress at first! And 100% agree with your post below about problems with fashion magazines, that's why I've never subscribed to any either.

  12. Nice pics.^^
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  13. Nice pics!You look super cute!

  14. Ohhh how I'm glad I came across your blog,honey!Love,looove!;)

  15. Love the bracelet! Where'd you get it? :)

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  16. Beautiful dress! I looks so good on you!


  17. very cute dress xox
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  18. Beautiful outfit!

  19. Your dress is so lovely! You are beautiful!
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