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Olympic Fashion Gold

I have been looking forward to the Olympics for many weeks now. I love the spirit and the coming together of all the different nations and cultures. While I know that the incredible feats of athleticism are what draw people, I've found it interesting to see which countries were able to step it up when dressing their Olympians. On the podium for Olympic fashion are:




I was on the fence about the Russian tracksuit jackets when I first saw them. It took me a few days to decide whether I loved them or hated them, I decided I loved them, which earns them a bronze medal. Most countries opt for a simpler tracksuit, but the Russian went full out, and it paid off. I also like the gymnastics outfit of the Russians.





The Japanese Olympic outfits work because they aren't flashy. The gymnastics outfits are interesting because they aren't typical, they're much more creative than most. The trampoline outfit is simple, but elegant. Finally the tracksuits. They're certainly nothing special like the Russians, but again they are simple and elegant.

The Netherlands

Opening Ceremonies Uniform 




Field Hockey

I don't know if it's due to the fantastic colour, but the Netherlands have absolutely owned the podium this Olympics with their outstanding outfits all around. The colour has to be the most amazing part, but a lot of countries don't know how to dress with colour.The two things I find the most amazing are the shoes, and the gymnastics unfirom. Those shoes are so amazing looking, I can't imagine you wouldn't go faster wearing those shoes. Out of all the outfits at the Olympics, the Dutch gymnasts had the absolute best. The sparkly flower was unusual and unexpected, and completely gorgeous.

Special Mentions

Not all countries were able to make the podium, but these ones had a few good shots.



These are the countries of which much was expected, but in the end it was just a disappointment.

United States of America

What exactly is the message the Americans want to give to the rest of the world? Are they trying to say,  "we are ready for battle" because their uniforms look like their ready to join the air force. Utterly boring and lacking any creativity whatsoever, both the opening ceremonies uniform and the tracksuit are a disappointment.

Great Britain

One of the biggest disappointments by far, is the Olympic outfits for the host country. I was excited to see what Stella McCartney would do for her countries athletes, but it didn't turn out so well. I find there is no ingenuity in these outfits, they are simply sports apparel with the union jack plastered all over them. They are not nice to look at, which is unfortunate.

If I were the judge this is how I would distribute the medals, but I would like to know what your thoughts are. Who in your opinion got gold, and who flopped.


  1. Great post. Enjoyed it very much. I agree with your thoughts about the americans. The grey jackets look totally boring.


  2. I like The Netherlands outfit the most. They are cute, classic but modern, very stylish, well cut and good colours!

  3. This is so inspiring, you really know what you're doing :)


  4. Such an interesting post! I loved it! I love the netherlands' outfit the most :)


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  5. Go holland!!! Im from amsterdam ;)

  6. I love the Netherlands opening ceremonies uniform! =)

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  8. I'm absolutely obsessed with your post,babe!Wow!;)

  9. I like England and Denmark uniforms the most :-)

  10. I like your blog style and has everything I like.

  11. Love the fashion take on the olympics! Great job!

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  13. WOW this is so different, I´d love to see more posts like this! And you have a great taste,very similar to mine! Check out my new post I think you´ll like it !

  14. dissapoint on london design but the hot guys wear those tighties kills the boredom of

  15. I agree with a lot of your points here, especially with your rankings of gold, silver and bronze. The Netherlands REALLY stole the spotlight for me as well; they made use of that gorgeous orange in a very classy way, and the opening ceremony outfits were by far the best. But I did really like the sneakers of the USA track suits. The color was by no means "patriotic," but it did make me want a neon pair of running shoes!

    Great post overall, very creative and fun to read.

  16. I like your post about the Olympic games!
    I'm totally agree with all your points of view.
    10.00 points for Holland!


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