Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fashion 1969

Vogue has been around since 1892, and although I don't have a 1982 edition my Grandmother left one from 1969 when she passed away. I also found a 1969 edition of Glamour magazine. I'm not sure how common old fashion magazines like these are (Vogue is in fairly good condition), but I thought it would be interesting because of my latest posts on fashion magazines.

Vogue January 1, 1969


The single most striking thing about Vogue then and now has to be the number of ads. Vogue from 1969 had less pages, and less ads, significantly less ads. The price is also significantly less, 75 cents as opposed to six dollars. What I find unfortunately similar about the two editions is the lack of fashion related articles.

Glamour March 1, 1969


I'm not very familiar with Glamour magazine, and it wasn't one of the magazines I reviewed for my previous posts. Glamour in 1969, however, is probably similar to Glamour 2012. Glamour 1969 edition had an astounding number of ads, and virtually no fashion. I think Glamour would be considered more of a women's lifestyle magazine.

P.S. I found a magazine called Wallpaper* that I really like. It is an arty magazine focusing on fashion design and art. If you feel dissatisfied by regular fashion magazines, and you want something a bit more serious I would recommend this magazine. 

Do you own any vintage magazines?


  1. Thank you for sharing this magazine!! I always love to check out vintage magazines but they are so hard to find!! Really enjoy looking through the slideshow :)

  2. Oh wow! Soooooo beautiful!! :)

  3. Wow, this is a fabulous post and an amazing blog, girl! My mom has a few fashion mags from the early 70s...Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Glamour.

  4. Fashion in history is something that endlessly fascinates me, and I'm especially enamored by the 1960s and '70s. Such an awesome post, and I'm really digging your blog title "from an anthropological point of view." Thank you so much for sharing this!

    With love from San Francisco, California, USA,

    1. I am also really interested in fashion history. Without looking back we can never look forward, especially in fashion. If you're interested in the 70's I think you would like to read my popular blogpost called 'It Started With The Maxi', you can find it in the sidebar under popular posts.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. wow thank you - it's really inspiring!
    nice blog by the way ;)

    kisses from Russia,

  6. wow, inspiring post!!
    thanks for sharing my dear


  7. Nice post! I love the fact that you take the time to talk about fashion from the past! A lot of people don't realize it, but a lot of our current fashion styles are somewhat similar to older styles!

    I wish i owned old magazines...I feel like Seventeen was once something completely different!!


  8. so cuuuteee :)

  9. Interesting. I just bought Vogue the September Issue and literally %75 of it must have been ads. What's interesting from a business perspective, is that we the fashion-loving readers, love the ads, and Vogue is paid handsomely for running them. Although, it does feel a bit like a rip-off buying something w/ not so much original content.

    And, yes, I have a vintage playgirl haha!

    x Peter

  10. The sixties was my mother's era..she wore the wide bell bottoms with flowers in her long hair and big chunky heels and delicate billowy blouses...and she protested in Washington DC and saw Jane Fonda speak as an anti-war activist..i can imagine the thousands of flames of lighters being lit with all her fellow college the fashion and the outspoken women of her generation! Thank you for sharing..i did notice the iconic Cheryl Tiegs in one of the photos!

    Loving your blog,
    adorn la femme


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