Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Fall's Basic Must Haves

My closet is anything but complete. I'm one of those people who would prefer to spend money on a statement jacket that can be worn with a limited number of outfits, than a pair of much needed jeans. Because of this I am missing some basic staples for my fall wardrobe. These are my must buys before fall gets here.

Button Up Shirt

Anthropologie- 78$

Anthropologie- 78$

Anthropologie- 78$

Club Monaco- 129.50$

The classic button up shirt is great because it can be used in so many different ways. The button up can transition from business to night time, and casual. Personally, my favourite way to wear a button up is in a fun print, like the two from Anthro, with a pair of jeans. I love it because it's an easy way to insert some colour into an outfit and at the same time have a clean tailored look. I also like to pair a simpler button up, like the last two, with a colourful blazer.

Boot Cut Jeans

Anthropologie- 189$

Guess- 138$ 174.73$

Jean shopping has to be one of my least favourite shopping experiences other than shoe shopping. It's great when one finally finds that perfect pair, but the road to get them is anything but pleasant. For me, I am very tall and slender, my hips haven't widened yet, so that what's long enough is often too wide in the hips, and vice versa. It took me multiple stores before I could find a size that fit, completely ignoring any style factor. After going through all of that last year to find some skinny jeans, I was less than inspired to try and find a pair of boot cut jeans. I found out though that certain things just don't work with skinny jeans, so this fall I need a pair of boot cut. Boot cut is actually my favourite jean cut, because it feels slightly more sophisticated and can be worn with a boot (obviously) and blazer, for a clean look.

Denim Jacket

ASOS- 53.88$

GAP- 80$

MEXX- 60 euros

I am very picky when it comes to denim jackets. I find it very hard to find something that doesn't look too farm like. The first denim jacket above I like because of the two tones, which gives it a more contemporary feel. The one below it I like because it is simple and classic. Denim jackets are great to pair with an outfit to make it more casual. One of my rules of wearing denim jackets, is to never wear denim jeans with them.

High Boot

Gucci- 1340$


Aldo- 170$

As I mentioned above, I don't like shopping for jeans, however, not as much as I hate shoe shopping. It started when I was young. Endless hours of sitting in a kids shoe store waiting for the man to come out of the back with an uncomfortable pair of shoes, that I would eventually agree to buy just to get out of the store. Now that I'm older my problem is sizing. I am fairly tall at about 5'9, but my feet seem to expect me to get even taller, I have a size 11 foot, and I take a 12 in boots (Canadian sizing). COnsidering most stores stop stocking at size 10, it's always a struggle to find shoes. The last time I went shopping for shoes, the lady helping gave me a piece of advice, if the shoe fits, buy it. She said regardless of what it looks like, I have to buy whatever shoe will fit my slender size 11 foot. I think she might be on to something. I have not looked at the sizing option of the above shoes, but I am sure I would be disappointed. Despite all that, I love the look of a tall, brown/tan coloured boot for fall. They work perfectly with boot cut jeans. 


Burberry- 1050$

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel- 540 pounds

Tory Burch- 425 pounds

I love duffle and pea coats. They are so elegant and sophisticated, and they come in so many different colours and styles. I love colour, so I naturally gravitate towards the Sonia Rykiel coat above. I once had a light pink duffle coat which I absolutely loved. I also like the traditional navy blue colour, which has a certain timelessness and weight to it. Duffle coats are so necessary to make that transition between fall and winter, something trench coats can't do. 

Hopefully I'll be able to check a few of these items off my wish list before fall comes along. What are some pieces you need before the cold weather gets here?


  1. great post. love specially the green coat.

  2. You can't beat a good blouse. Whether statement or whisper, fitted or loose, they're just the perfect addition to any outfit. And nowadays, the prints are all so much fun to experiment and play with!

  3. It is definitely that time to start stocking up on fall clothing!

    xo Jennifer

  4. Great post honey,very inspiring;)

  5. Awesome wants!! I really love a great printed button up shirt!


  6. Lovely selection!!

    A chic kiss ;)

  7. I really could do with more button ups & boots.... although I have to admit I'm the same as you when it comes to preferring to buy expensive statement pieces than everyday clothes - I cant help it, I just get so bored buying everyday clothing!

  8. Perfect combinations, classy and good taste!

  9. Thanks for the inspiring post as usual! Looking at fall outfits makes me excited :)

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  12. thanks!
    i like the denim jackets a lot :)

    xx, rebecca

  13. thanks! :)

    xx, rebecca

  14. The shirts are really cool, young bussines woman looking but with the right clothes it will look it girl style
    Follow my blog, tell me and I will follow back :)

  15. great selection!

  16. Love the coats! And looks like denim jackets are back :)


  17. Nice look and I like all the items! You have a really nice blog, followed you on bloglovin , maybe follow me back?

  18. I'm actually nearly in a place of wardrobe stasis--I am open to finding an adorable (super cheap, thrifted) anything but I have a complete wardrobe and will soon instate "one in, one out" types of rules, I think. Except for new, trendier pieces, I have anything I could need!

    1. I would say that you're lucky to be that point. It's much more fun to look for interesting statement pieces.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

  19. hi dear,

    amazing pictures! i really like your blog

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    XO, Carmen

  20. You're right!! These items are a definite must have!!!

  21. love all the riding boots!! soo chic :D

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  23. You Have a particular and fun style with great taste.

  24. Nice post!!!!
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  25. seriously were soul sisters! I die for any type of boots. Such a good idea for "Fall Must Haves"

  26. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
    Love the denim jackets, so basic

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  27. Love the button up shirts & boots!

  28. Now this is really STYLISH ! You should post more often! maybe you could check out my new outfit?

  29. Autumn is coming, so it is time for High Boots!! Love them:) Thank You for inspirating...
    best regards,


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