Wednesday, 27 June 2012

It Started With The Maxi

Could it be? Is it possible?
Looking through the online slideshow of all the resort collections on I started to see an emerging pattern. As most people are aware, the really big thing last year was vintage floral prints. They were all the rage on skirts with high, elastic waist bands. 

While this trend has come, and, more or less, gone, it made way for the styles of today. In the latest resort collections, it's hard to not find a wide legged pantsuit, or a maxi skirt. All of this is leading me to believe we are leading to a resurgence in the flower power of the 70's and everything else that goes along with it. 

Stella McCartney Resort Collection 2013

Balenciaga Resort Collection 2013

Above are two outfits from two very sought after brands, each of these outfits are from their latest respective collections. The second outfit, by Balenciaga, is that oh so popular maxi skirt. For the past year or so the maxi has been working it's way back into our wardrobes ever since last summer. Last year, the must have item was by far the maxi dress. No woman's wardrobe was complete without one of the long, flowy creations, often in bold colours are flower print.
The very first photo is of a suit by Stella McCartney. The extreme masculinity and formless shape make the look unisex, rather than overtly feminine. In addition to this, the pants are big and flared at the bottom, and the pattern a masculine check. 

These two outfits, by two current designers, show the reemergence of key 70's style characteristics. It's as if we have been following the same pattern begun the 70's. The first trend to emerge now, and in the early 70's, was the maxi. 
1970 Pucci Maxi Dress
Current Maxi Dress
The maxi can be seen as the uniform of the hippie's, a symbol of the flower power revolution that dominated the beginning of the decade. Back-to-nature was a big influence in the early 70's, as was multiculturalism and different ethnicities. As can be seen in the maxi dress to the left, the print has an oriental feel. 

Starting in the 60's, moving into the 70's, women started to take on more roles traditionally for men. To do this women didn't want to wear restricting garments as in the past, they wanted to be considered equal, this spawned the unisex look. The Stella McCartney suit above is a perfect example of unisex style. 

This suit by Balenciaga for his latest collection could be just as much for a girl as a boy. The muted colour, and male tailoring make it a great example of unisex dressing. In addition to this, the designer has accessorized the model using a briefcase type bag which makes, the business like, unisex look even more prominent. Notably the hair of the model is completely wrapped to have the appearance of a short hairdo. 

Balenciaga Resort Collection 2013

This suit, circa 1972, is very much similar to the one above, in that it is not immediately recognizable as a women's suit. The muted colours are again present and the little tailoring there is does not accentuate a woman's natural curves. The most visible differences are in the collar and pockets, which are constantly evolving. 

1970's Women's Suit

These are some other looks from the latest resort collections, all of which represent a theme of 1970's fashion. These styles are perhaps slightly less visible in everyday street wear, but act as a reinforcement to the idea that, in general, the influence of the 70's is very much in play. 

Celine Resort Collection 2013
These pants evoke a certain disco era feel. The wide legged, flared pants were a popular choice towards the end of the 70's due to fashionability of disco. The choice of fabric and colour also add to the disco style. 

Balenciaga Resort Collection 2013

The pants in this outfit are of the unisex style. This particular pattern has been very popular among men's suits, but rarely seen in women's. The low crotch is also more of men's pants cut than women's. 

Chloe Resort Collection 2013
This dress and top are part of the ethnic, folksy vibe from the beginning of the 70's. They draw from different cultures from all over the world. Many designers from the early 70's moved away form the hub of Europe to find inspiration, and instead drew from places like Tibet and North American Native dress. 
(This also happens to be my favourite dress on this post)

Alexander McQueen Resort Collection 2013
This represents yet another style of dress from the 70's. Drawing on the gypsy/flamenco look, this dress has a full, uneven skirt and a billowy top. The gypsy/flamenco look was another way of drawing expression from different cultures and ethnicities. 

Alexander McQueen Resort Collection 2013

To finish, this a very obviously disco inspired outfit, with the flared pants, and the metallic colour that would shine under the dance lights. The disco revolution happened towards the latter part of the 70's, which explains the move into padded shoulders, and also that signature puffed hairdo. 

While I think I might be a little late in predicting this come back, I have become even more sure of myself as I write this post and really take in the styles. The 70's was most definitely not my favourite era, but I can't deny the significant counter revolutions that took place and are reflected in the fashion of the day. One thing I am grateful was brought back into style, was the maxi dress. There was a big gap in time when dresses were considered uncool, by feminists and tomboys alike. I wrote a post on this Dress Dilemma we are facing in an earlier post. The maxi dress has finally made a reason for women to wear dresses again. 

Do you think the 70's are making a come back? And are you looking forward to being a refined hippy?


  1. I DIE for the suits. I'm not much of a dress person, so the pantsuits win me over.
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  6. I see your point. Yes, I agree on the maxi. I don't think it's flattering on me per say but I have noticed an influx of women in them. Yes, we have the 70s to thank. Oh and... add a big floppy hat with that too! :)


  7. Such a great post.I had no idea about the story of maxi.
    I love the 70's era.Thanks for sharing with us :)

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  22. Beautiful, beautiful looks! It does indeed appear that the 70s are coming back...

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  24. I love hippie style!!! although, it's more suitable for young people, but this style really suits all!

  25. theres definitely that 70s inspo but it's all about adding your own twist to it. and my god, the balenciaga resort look of that grey blazer's lapel is superb!!! so stunning i want it sooo badly!

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  32. Fabulous post And great choice of photos i remember the 70s well and my mum wearing a maxi. Its amazing the way fashion comes back on trend. I love the suit in the first photo its fabulous kisses from Dublin xx leonie.

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