Sunday, 17 June 2012

An Unlikely Find

This is my idea of the perfect everyday sundress. The fabric is light and airy, the colours are bright and cheery, and the cut is indicative of a summer dress. I went to Toronto on Friday because I had finished my exams and because I had been wearing practically nothing but my uniform the whole year I was in need of a lot of clothes. I started in Yorkville and ended up going to Queen West where I found this and one other sun dress. Before we went I told my mum I wanted to look at some of the vintage stores on Queen as that had been on my mind for quite some time. My mum isn't big on the second hand, "grimy" stores but finally conceded. I didn't realize exactly what I had gotten myself into. 

Queen St. West

While walking down Queen my mum stops in front of this dusty, nameless shop filled with books and some not so nice art. In the corner there was a single rack of dresses, and before I knew it my mum had pushed me through the door. Needless to say she was getting her own back. The weird surprise was that I was actually able to find two dresses that I really liked and were really practical. The story of this odd shop doesn't stop here though. I needed to try the dresses on in order to see if they fit. There was no dressing room so I had to put them over my existing dress. The best part, however, comes when I ask if there is a mirror I could use. The man proceeds in going to the back of the store to pull out a dusty old mirror from a bag, which he then starts to wash in his sink. There was apparently no rag so I just had to look at myself in the wet glass. Finally he said he would give them to me for 20$ each and I paid him in cash right there with no receipt and no bag in which to put the dress. It was an interesting experience that I laugh about when I think of it. 

What do you think of this dress for $20?


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