Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Do's and Don'ts of Red and Pink


This is a beautiful Christian Dior dress that, for me, epitomizes the RIGHT way to wear red and pink. As a rule I generally try to stay away from this colour combination because more often than not doesn't work. What works for me in this dress is the 60's flare and the tones of the colours. The vintage aspect plays well in this dress and the tones of red of pink are closer than a stark rose red on powder puff pink. The overall effect of the two colours is a mix, instead of two different colours one gets a blend which creates an overall esthetically pleasing shade.


This is a prime example of how not to wear pink and red together. Unlike the first dress the shades of each colour do not complement each other. The pink is like a a Barbie doll pink and the red is a pure red, there's is no subtle tone on tone in this dress. The only time red and pink work is if they are complementing, not competing. 

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