Thursday, 10 May 2012

Blazers: The Movement

Jeans are often considered everyday wear and not for formal occasions. While I agree with the latter I believe jeans can always be dressed up for a dinner, a date, or even a business meeting. In my opinion blazers are the perfect accessory to instantly "upgrade" one's outfit from street to high fashion. 

This blazer on the left is a simple blazer that can be used a an evening dinner jacket or a work jacket.

 I'm more a girl of the 20's but if I were to choose on thing I loved about the 40's it would have to be blazers. I think because of the 40's, and what it signified in terms of women's rights and that whole movement during the war, the blazer has really become a powerful piece of clothing for feminism. Wearing a blazer shows a a professionalism and a certain kind of power that says, "Yes, I am a woman, but I work like a man."

This a more fun and quirky blazer than the one above. Instead of the workplace consider wearing it to a summer party or just for everyday life to add a structured and spirited feel to one's look.

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