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The Sports Collection- Part 2

*This is a 3 part post. Find part 1 here.*

The History of Sportswear

Today women's sportswear is a huge multimillion dollar industry, with brands like Nike and Adidas dominating the retail market. Women dressed in short shorts and skirts, and tight tops made from synthetic fabric are a common sight  in gyms all over North America and Europe. As I discussed in my last post even wearing these clothes outside of gyms and other sporting complexes has become increasingly popular and considered publicly acceptable. There was a time however, when a woman playing tennis would not dream of wearing the ultra short dresses and skirts donned by today's players. 

The acceptance of women playing sports grew during the early 1900's, but women's sports were considered social events rather than physical activity. Popular sports among women included croquet, archery, riding, tennis, and most importantly, bicycling. Around the middle of the 1800's women started to use bicycles as a means of transportation more and more frequently. This was a liberating factor for women in more ways than one. Due to the nature of bicycles, and their inability to be ridden side saddle, women's clothing had to adapt to be more user friendly. Hoops were abandoned and free flowing skirts with bloomers underneath were standard women's bicycle attire. This was one of the first steps in liberating women, and allowing them to be more independent. 

As time progressed other sportswear also became less restraining, which meant women were now able to compete more actively, rather than being passive in their sporting endeavours. Golf blouses progressed so that the sleeves had more give and women were able to do a full swing unhindered. 

Horseback riding was the original means of transportation for men and women before the introduction of bicycles. Because of the long dresses and the multitude of underskirts worn by women, they were required to ride sidesaddle. Riding astride was still highly discouraged for women well into the 20th century, until pants became acceptable women's wear. Riding sidesaddle hindered women's ability and control of the horse because of their awkward positioning. My great aunt was a world champion horseback rider who was required to ride sidesaddle during competitions. Despite being less practical than riding astride my aunt was still able to compete in, and win against male competitors riding astride.

Women's sportswear is a story of liberation. If it weren't for the bicycle women might have still been wearing giant hooped skirts for thirty or forty years more. The history of women's sport tells us a great deal about the restrictions and social expectations of women throughout the ages. This is just another example of how history shapes the clothes we wear.

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My Running Outfit

6$ BCBG Shorts!!!

Stylish Headband 

MAC Shoelaces 



-Running Shoes-


Running is definitely not my favourite thing to do, but my tennis coach has told me to do a 10 minute run everyday. Instead of making it a wasted opportunity, I got creative and put this running outfit together. Who said style and sports don't go together? I switched out my boring shoelaces for some MAC Cosmetics ones that I got for free at school. Have you done any physical activity today? No? Well then stop blogging and get out there :)

*This is a 3 part post. Find part 1 here.*


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